Family Rooms

Family Rooms … the center for family activities – a place to gather for relaxing, playing and connecting. This requires comfort & durability!


Dining Rooms

A formal space used to join together with family and friends to celebrate life’s special moments and holidays. This room is traditionally formal, but can be updated for today’s more casual lifestyle.



Inviting soothing, relaxing, serene … these are the words most used to describe a homeowner’s wish list for an updated design. Many of the bedrooms completed follow this style, but we’ve also designed bold & colorful rooms that make powerful statements and reflect the resident’s personality.



Classic, traditional, timeless elements created a beautiful, functional kitchen. Color palettes can be inspired by any one element … area rugs, window treatments, artwork, tile … to create a look that will last a lifetime.


Miscellaneous Spaces

When designing a home, it’s important to have consistent flow, with an emphasis on details. Don’t forget about adding fabric & color to entryways, hallways and nooks to complete your look.

Your Home, Our Expertise


The philosophy of our approach to interior design begins with an in-depth client interview. We believe in styling homes that reflect the homeowner’s personality, style and needs, from both aesthetic and functional viewpoints.

At reInventedSpaces we don’t push OUR style, we enhance YOURS with our expertise. KathyLynn Gariboldi, Lead Designer & Owner, uses a fresh approach to define a clear picture of what the design goals are, and how to interpret the components needed.

At reInventedSpaces we believe that the planning process is the most important aspect of each project. Selection of all potential components is paramount to the success of each outcome. Each design plan is tailored to suit each client’s needs and can be as simple as a color palette appointment or restyling with existing & new components  to complete design from floor to ceiling.

  • For quality, creativity and flexibility, reInventedSpaces is dedicated to defining the best solution for your space & budget.

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